I. Multiple move EPD Analyzer Results

  1. Strategic Test Suite No. 8
  2. Tony Test Suite
  3. Tony-DCC-Caleb Test Suite
  4. xboard engines on Strategic Test Suite No. 8

II. Download

  1. MEA v0.1.3 beta
  2. MEA v0.2.0 beta

III. Usage

mea.exe -h
usage: mea.exe [-h] -i EPD [-o OUTPUT] -e ENGINE -n NAME [-t THREADS]
               [-m HASH] [-a MOVETIME] [-r RATING] [-p PROTOCOL] [-s {0,1}]
               [--stmode {0,1}] [--protover {1,2}] [-l {0,1}]

Analyzes epd file having multiple solution moves with points

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -i EPD, --epd EPD     input epd filename
  -o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT
                        text output filename for result,
  -e ENGINE, --engine ENGINE
                        engine filename
  -n NAME, --name NAME  engine name
  -t THREADS, --threads THREADS
                        Threads or cores to be used by the engine, default=1.
  -m HASH, --hash HASH  Hash in MB to be used by the engine, default=64.
  -a MOVETIME, --movetime MOVETIME
                        Analysis time in milliseconds, 1s = 1000ms,
  -r RATING, --rating RATING
                        You may input a rating for this engine, this will be
                        shown in the output files, default=2500
  -p PROTOCOL, --protocol PROTOCOL
                        engine protocol [uci/xboard], default=uci
  -s {0,1}, --san {0,1}
                        for xboard engine, set this to 1 if it will send a
                        move in san format, default=0
  --stmode {0,1}        for xboard engines, set this to 0 if it does not
                        support st command, default=1
  --protover {1,2}      for xboard engines, this is protocol version number,
  -l {0,1}, --log {0,1}
                        Records engine and analyzer output to [engine

MEA v0.2 beta

IV. Notes

1. Engine log will be saved to log dir after the test. Make sure to enable the option --log 1
2. uci engines that supports movetime and xboard engines that supports setboard can be run under MEA.